Wednesday, May 4, 2011

whimsical wedding invite

This was my first "theme" wedding invitation, and I must say I really loved it!  It helped narrow down some of my many ideas for the invite and it made me think of things that I wouldn't normally incorporate, like butterflies.  But here I think the butterflies are my favorite part of it! 

The bride has such a great handle on what she wanted and has the theme of "Midsummer Nights Dream." Once I saw she used terms like "sweet/romantic, whimsical/fantasy, and elegant,"  I knew it would be a fun one.  Here is the inspiration she sent me to give an idea of where she was coming from. I loved, loved everything about what she sent.  Natural elements are easily my favorite style, whether it's home decor or paper design--something about it just has an great appeal.

And here were two that didn't make the cut, but I still love them so much that I wanted to include them and share with y'all.

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