Friday, May 7, 2010

i'm back!

my break is officially over! while i still had design work to do during the course of the break, the load of new projects was lifted and gave me some much needed downtime. since i didn't let myself do anything new, i have lots to upload and share with y'all! i have some fun invites, baby announcements, logos, and even a wedding invitation in the mix!

here's the first invite i wanted to share that i did back in March, because what's a post with no pic?

my friend megan came to me while she was planning an engagement party and wanted an invite that reflected "a fun, modern, barbeque." at the party, she planned to have paper lanterns hanging and lights strung around her deck and wanted to incorporate that into the invite. i knew what i wanted to do right away! there were a few directions i went that i'll probably turn into templates and upload to my flickr, but this is the one she picked! i LOVE, LOVE these colors together, and she did a fantastic job of bringing the invite to life at the party. thanks again megan! :)
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