Sunday, August 30, 2009

tailgate shower

my college roommate and close friend kendra is getting hitched this november! she was a huge reason i came to LSU and managed to put up with me and my messiness for 4 years! 4! while living with her, i never experience a bigger tiger fan. she taught me all the cheers and dances and would even explain to me what just happened on the field when i looked confused (which was 97% of the time).

she's marrying a former high school boyfriend (crazy how things work out) and couldn't be more excited. to kick off her wedding festivities, a few of her bridesmaids and friends are throwing her and justin a giftcard shower next month. since justin went to ULL and kendra went to LSU and the LSU/ULL game was in september, we knew had to had to find a way to tie it all together somehow, hence the tailgate shower. i thought it'd be cool to create a ticket and make the wording reflect that, so that's what i was going for. it was such a fun project to work on, i've gotten a ton of positive feedback (thanks guys!!), and the bride loved them, so i couldn't be happier.

photo of kendra and justin courtesy of Krista Ickles
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