Wednesday, June 10, 2009

thirty, flirty, and fabulous!

so this was one of the most fun projects i've had the pleasure of creating to date. i've done invites, stationary, and thank you cards before, but never all together! enter jessica (or hostess with the mostess as i like to refer to her as). she had her bff's surprise 30th birthday planned to every last detail and wanted an custom designed suite for lorien including invites, thank you cards, stationary, wine tags, and favor labels. i LOVED the idea and even more that she gave me creative freedom after explaining that she wanted it to be lantern themed, clean, and girly with lots of pink (what else?) along with lime green and teal to coorelate with some of lorien's favorite fabic. i came up with a few different ideas, but once i created this one, i knew it was lorien. obviously her version didn't include the time in which guests would arrive. :) it actually included a different date altogether to really throw her off. these are what the guests received:

then i created wrap-around labels to send the invites in because what's a theme without matching address labels? jessica also gave a set to lorien with her address as an added present to her thank you cards and stationary:

and these are the wine tags and favor labels. jessica wanted me to leave room so people could write their name on the wine tags, and i just thought that was genius. seriously. every detail. :) the labels went on white takeout boxes as a thank you to all the guests.

here are the thank yous that jessica thought lorien would need after such a fabulous party along with personalized stationary for whatever the occasion.

thanks again to jessica for the awesome opportunity and being a dream to work with!

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Body BaYou said...

Cute stuff Jenny! You're so good at this stuff :-)

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