Thursday, June 18, 2009

boston or bust

i had a great opportunity to design my first ever "real-life" t-shirt. when my friend megan asked me if i would be interested, i quickly said yes, but then realized, "oh wait, how do i do this again?" i designed t-shirts before in college for a school organization, but i had never seen it through to printing. after some research and talking to people who had, i knew it wouldn't be much different than what i was used to doing with print (with some exceptions of course).

megan wanted the t-shirts made for a field trip to boston (umm, where was she when i was in school??). she gave me their info and a list of places they would be touring and said to just do whatever. my head was spinning with ideas, so i googled the boston skyline, found a pic i liked and basically re-created it. then i thought it would be fun to list all the places out that they were going but make the fonts reflect the words. i had other ideas too, but she ended up being torn between the skyline and word designs, so we ended up just combining them. boston skyline on front with the wording on the back. i LOVE how it came out because i hadn't even thought of combining them (ashley shoutout!), and i must say it's a great feeling to see them in person. usually print products get thrown away or i never see them more than once, but every now and then i see them wearing the shirt and just smile. :) i don't have a picture of them actually in the shirts, but here is the digital version:

thanks again megan for allowing me to get out of my normal print design mode! it was so fun :)


Ashley said...

Haha! I wear the shirt as I read this. :)

Megan said...

Jenny! I just found this blog! I love, love, LOVE the t-shirts!!! Honestly, I love everything you do! Thanks again!

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