Tuesday, March 2, 2010

top hots and feathers and bobs...oh my!

What would a party be without a little Charleston dance off or men with their moustaches? Excited is an understatement when my friend Mattie came to me last month wanting to throw a 1920s celebration for her 20th birthday. She is such a cool girl and I'm loving all the stuff that we're learning we have in common! Her blog is equally as awesome as she is, but back to the invite.

She wanted something fun, flirty and flapper-filled (or least that's the term I made up to describe it). She preferred muted tones (something that became quite popular in the 20s) along with these flapper girls she found. The girl definitely did her research! I instantly fell in love with the flappers and would suggest everyone go check out the etsy shop where you can buy prints of them. This one is my fav--so cute! But other than that, I was told to just "run with it." The best three words a client could tell me...other than "I love it!" of course. :)

Another cute aspect of the party was the sign in. Instead of a normal sign in, Mattie opted for a more creative way to remember her guests by. So I created this postcard for guests to use to serve as a sign in and a place to give the birthday girl their best wishes:

I was so, so bummed when I got sick and couldn't make it to the party myself. I guess I'll just have to look forward to seeing all the pics! Happy Birthday Mattie! I hope last night was fun and worth all the hard work you put into it! :)

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